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We have been in the real estate website hosting industry and developing real estate office websites, real estate agent websites, and real estate team websites for over 25 years. Our sophisticated lead capture technology has developed into an industry leading realtor marketing tool that allows our clients to maximize the return on their advertising and marketing dollars by converting website visitors into real estate leads and prospective customers.

Real Estate Internet Marketing Services

The Birdview product provides real estate internet marketing services and marketing tools for realtors to real estate offices, real estate teams, and real estate agents. We combine Internet Marketing Services with our own proprietary real estate marketing software to help real estate professionals connect with real estate consumers and manage those relationships until a real estate transaction is completed.

Real Estate Internet Marketing and Advertising

With over 90% of consumers beginning their search for real estate online, the Internet has become the #1 destination for realestate marketing and advertising dollars. We help real estate professionals find motivated sellers and buyers by allowing them to create the ultimate realtor marketing plan while managing the advertising and marketing of their real estate website and real estate practice online, all with the goal of generating the highest return on their advertising and marketing dollars.

Real Estate Lead Management System

Our proprietary lead management system has been leading the way in the realtor software industry since its inception. We have developed robust real estate contact management software that allows our clients to effectively manage on-line consumer inquiries and leads. In addition, our automated drip marketing systems allow for ongoing communication with real estate consumers both during and long after a transaction has been completed thereby building a complete realestate marketing plan, as well as a pipeline of future business for our clients.

Real Estate Product Line

Our product line of marketing tools for realtors includes complete packages as well as various tools that are essential to succeed as a modern day real estate agent.

Real Estate Office Website - Officesite

Birdview's OfficeSite is fast to implement and easy to use. It's lead generation technology is second to none.

Easy to Learn and Use

  • Our FastStart training program gets you and your staff up and running with personalized training services.
  • Access to our library of video tutorials any time at your leisure
  • Birdview's online user guide helps you make the best use of your Birdview product

More Leads

  • Lead generation technology that allows you to maximize the number of visitors that turn into leads on your website
  • Real Estate Listing Syndication, Search Engine Marketing and Lead Generation Packages
  • Consumer tracking technology to help you optimize lead capture

Lower Costs

  • Tracking of all lead sources to help you make good advertising and marketing decisions
  • Ability to manage leads from multiple sources in a single database
  • Automated drip marketing system to manage client relationships

Higher Profits

  • Attract and Retain top producing agents
  • Greater productivity from all agents
  • Lower your overhead

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Real Estate Team Website - TeamSite

TeamSite is a comprehensive, consumer real estate resource center that allows agent teams to generate and manage leads, listings, and team profiles.

Advertising, Marketing and Lead Generation

Our Traffic Accelerator lead generation packages can be added to our TeamSite Package.

Product Benefits

  • Optimize your lead capture
  • Efficiently distribute and manage leads amongst your entire team
  • Provide drip marketing tools for each member of your team
  • Manage your team from a central console
  • Distribute leads in automated and manual modes
  • Deliver a powerful web presence for each team member

Product Features

Your MLS data, available on your TeamSite portal, is exclusively branded to you and displayed using the latest in lead capture technology.

Mobile Real Estate Property Search
Give consumers with hand held devices the option to search your website directly from their mobile devices.

A fully hosted e-mail account is included with your TeamSite. E-mail forwarding using your company domain name is implemented at no additional costs.

Once you enter a consumer e-mail address that consumer is branded only to you. In addition, leads assigned to you can not be assigned to another agent. Integrated software builds consumer records and allows you to see and manage your leads.

LeadMine Mobile
Receive lead notifications on your mobile device. Delivered in text and email, you can be sure to connect with your consumers instantly.

Listing Enhancements
Listing enhancement tools for the TeamSite include a real estate website for each listing, up to 18 property photos, ability to link virtual tours, printable brochures, seller home view reports and more.

Listing specific as well as searchable, this community information database contains neighborhood, school and other statistics. Neighborhood information is highly sought after by real estate consumers and is ranked second just behind listing information for most valuable website content.

This automated real estate drip marketing system includes messages developed by top producing agents to automatically incubate and warm up your leads. Stay in touch with your referral market by maintaining on-going communication with prospective clients. Consistent contact with consumers produces steady revenue streams.

VIP Services
With VIP Member Services, your buyers and sellers can save and compare properties, and receive notification of price and status changes on specific listings. Sellers can login to see the activity on their property.

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Real Estate Agent Website - AgentSite

The AgentSite product is designed to give you an internet presence with the technology to attract today's Internet consumers. Designed for agents who rely on the internet for a majority of their leads, AgentSite platform drives consumers to your website, captures more leads, helps you respond to hot leads, and cultivates cold leads until they are ready to work with you.

Design Elements

Design Library
Multiple color choices and display styles allow you to change your design any time. Upload photos that reflect your business and market area. Add your own logo or utilize the pre-loaded franchise logos.

Content Editor
Unlimited page creation and editing of your real estate web site with just a few clicks.

Navigation Editor
Change link names and locations for the navigation buttons on your real estate web site.

Listing display

MLS Booster
Your MLS IDX and VOW data is updated automatically for a single point of entry for all your listings.

Free Home Update
This listing delivery system allows buyers and sellers to interact with your real estate web site and receive the types of listings they want to see.

Virtual Tour Maker
Unlimited scenes and virtual tour uploads attach to your listings. In some MLS's, tours are automatically uploaded from your MLS.

Printable Flyers
Every MLS listing is branded to you in these printable flyers and brochures and includes additional community information and photos for a fantastic presentation.

Hybrid, satellite and topography maps and directions. Driving directions also display on your office profile page.

Listing specific as well as searchable, this community information database contains neighborhood, school and other statistics. Neighborhood information is highly sought after by real estate consumers and is ranked second just behind listing information for most valuable website content.

Open House
Show off your open houses on your real estate web site. Once your open house is over, the posting is automatically removed form your real estate web site.

Lead Capture and Management

Manage all your leads, both online and offline, through this database driven real estate contact management system. Target your marketing based on consumer tracking technology, automatically assign leads to various drip marketing campaigns, and track the success of your various advertising and marketing campaigns through lead source tracking.

LeadMine Mobile
Receive lead notifications on your mobile device. Delivered in text and email, you can be sure to connect with your consumers instantly.

Control the content, timing and frequency of your drip marketing messages while tracking the activity of all the prospects and customers in your pipeline.

CMA, Mortgage Pre-Qualification, Buy, Sell, Career, Home, Listing Sheet and General Contact forms confirm e-mail addresses and ask the right questions to qualify your prospect.

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Birdview's FastStart Program

Having all the tools of a new website and lead management systems can seem overwhelming. With FastStart, our clients get personalized training so they can spend time selling real estate and not have to worry about learning a new system.

What is included in FastStart?

In addition to the training, our customers receive personalized services from auto responder customization, all the way to virtual tours and everything in between. Think of it as your personal concierge service provided by leading industry professionals.

Make your Consumers VIP's on Your Real Estate Website

Provide valuable information to your consumers that register on your real estate website and entice window shoppers to become frequent users of your site by offering value.

Benefits For Your VIP Consumers

Search for Properties

  • Access our entire property database
  • View all available property details

My Profile

  • Edit your member profile

My Favorites

  • Name and save your favorite listings
  • Rank your favorites and add comments
  • Receive updates if price or listing status changes
  • Quick view of favorites (name, rank, price, address, thumbnail)

Efficient Password Management

  • Sign up with your own password
  • Change your password / Request password reset

My Free Home Update

  • Save multiple search criteria
  • Daily notification of just listed properties that meet your criteria
  • Receive results in one email, or one email per search criteria
  • Run your saved search and see your search matches online

Property Comparator

  • Compare multiple properties
  • Rank, remove and add properties to your comparison list

Real Estate Website Content Editor

Birdview's real estate website content editor enables you to customize your web pages and create new ones. You can easily format text, add links and upload images without having to view or handle any HTML code.

Create Relevant Content on Your Real Estate Website

With the ease of use of our content editor, you can create relevant content on your real estate web site to better serve your consumers. The editor allows for WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing, so no html or advanced technical skills are required.

Make Changes On Your Own

You don't have spend money making your real estate website, nor do you have to wait for someone else to make changes. You have access to make most changes to your real estate web site 24/7.

Real Estate Website Navigation Editor

The navigation editor enables you to add, modify and delete navigation links on the website. Simply click and drag navigation items to create your desired menus.

Working With Templates

We suggest you experiment with different design templates to learn how navigation works for your selected template. Each template allows a different number of links and their position on the page varies by design to ensure a sleek and professional feel for every design template.

Customizing Navigation Menus

Each design template permits a predetermined number of navigation elements to appear on your website. The navigation editor accommodates up to twenty navigation elements from the library. In addition, you can create your own menu items as you please.

Printable Flyers and Brochures for Your Real Estate Listings

Birdview real estate websites automatically create printable flyers and brochures for each of your listings automatically.

Professional Layout

You don't have to worry about being an artist to produce professional looking flyers and brochures for your listings. The automated tools properly format and display your listing information in a professional format. You control color schemes and choose from various templates. Best of all, the flyers and brochures are MLS compliant.

Save Time and Money

No need to wait on others to create flyers or spend your hard earned money on creating flyers. You can email a pdf version or simply print hard copies with a click of a button. Make your flyers and brochures available at your open houses and make positive impressions on buyers and sellers alike.

Provide Relevant Information

Each brochure comes with community information based on the location of your listing. In addition, photos, listing sheet information, along with other relevant information are all automatically created.

Stay in Front of Consumers

Each flyer and brochure prominently displays your contact information and photo in a professional manner. Combine this with all the relevant data that is professionally displayed, and you have a great marketing tool that helps you stay in front of real estate consumers.

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